Saturday, 16 January 2010


Woo...I got a second run was my first thought on Friday about 2pm...Some of you may know my slightly bad track record history in St Moritz...where the horseshoe corner each year seems to like to spit me out a little too hard and I end up crashing and either not getting a second run or barely making it. This year was different though, I had one crash in training, but I was testing out runners (they weren't right for me!), then a solid weeks training and a race that seems to have kicked out the horseshoe demons...I came 4th.
All week I had problems in the Nash-Dixon corners and was loosing time and speed, so on race day I had a new plan, it didn't quite work on the first run and I ended up clipping early into Dixon, loosing time..but I knew then what to do with the 2nd run and I finally nailed it, putting down a great run and moving up from 6th to 4th place. I also had the 2nd best push again.
Its a unique track in St Moritz, the only natural track in the world. Each year it is re-built with ice from the frozen lake, sticks are layed in the summer to show where the corners go, and then built up new each winter. This means the corners are always slightly different, some harder or easier.
I nearly forgot to say... I had a go at curling for the first time this was amazing..!! We had a teacher for the few hours and played coaches against athletes and Rachel...GB curling team may need to watch out as the skeleton team have a few talented first timers!! I do need to add in here that Rachel, Andy and Myself were the winning team!
Now I'm in Igls, Austria for the final World Cup race which is combined with the European Championships where I would love to get a medal... Watch it on British Eurosport on Friday the 22nd Jan 2010.