Monday, 12 July 2010


I have had a few crazy weekends this past month....

Started off with Royal Ascot, handing out a Trophy and judging the best turned out horse. I was treated so well up in the Royal Enclosure and met many stars from tv and sport. I loved everything moment about the races, walking around the horses, seeing them get ready for the race in the paddock, being able to smell the leather and shine spray on them!

Then I had Wimbledon the following weekend which was equally amazing, it was my first ever tennis match and I was spoilt by watching Serena Williams, Nadal and Murray all on the same day on centre court! Watching the best of the best in tennis right in front of me, seeing and hearing the power at which they hit the ball. Wow.

Yesterday I was at Silverstone for the F1 race, I was lucky to have paddock passes and could walk around and be among the drivers and cars...walking down the Grid was the strangest experience, seeing drivers of another kind to me, how they prepare and watching the team get the cars ready. Schumacher was so calm, and even asked how I was minuets before he was ready to get in his car to drive at a crazy speed! Half wish I could of jumped in the car instead of him!