Friday, 11 June 2010


Thank you all Glamour readers for voting and giving me the Sportswoman of the year award. It means alot to get something that has been voted for by the general thank you all.
The evening was in Berkeley Square London and was amazing. Again a night full of beautiful men and women from all areas of the showbiz world. Mixing with people such as Lilly Allen, Ferne Cotton and the hunky Jason Lewis or "Smith" from sex and the city!

My award was given to me by David Hayes, I realise as he was saying my name that I hadn't even prepared a speech, and all others that had been up before me were saying long speeches! oh help, i managed to say a few words and then off the stage I went for the interviews and photos behind the stage. Thank you Glamour for the wonderful night and the even more wonderful goodie bags that were delivered to my hotel room....woo it felt like 10 Christmas's all at once!


How amazing I got asked to give out a BAFTA tv award with Sir Chris Hoy up in London on the 6th of May.We were both pretty scared before heading out onto the stage in front of all those famous people you see on your TV, papers and magazines everyday!!

Ekk....."And the BAFTA goes to..."

But what a legs were shaking more then getting my medal!


On the 5th of June I was made Freeman of the City of Bath, my home. What a honour to be given. The ceremony was in the abbey in the centre of Bath, and took place during the annual major-making service which saw Councillor Shaun McGall become the 783rd Major of Bath.

Again so many tourists and local people came out to watch and line the streets. the procession was led by the Bath Air Cadets Band and took me through the centre from the Guildhall to the Abbey.

It was humbling to be given this title as I was the first ever female ever to have this given to me, and only the fifth person to be made freeman of Bath since the second world war. I learnt that my name goes on a list which includes great men such as Sir Winston Churchill!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Our Army men and women do an amazing job everyday for us, so when I was asked to go along to the 10th Signal Regiment annual Sportsman’s Dinner on the evening of Thursday 20 May 2010 at Bath Rugby Club I said yes straight away. The main aim of the evening was to congratulate personnel from the Regiment on their sporting achievements, with the main awards being Sport’s Personality of the year and Sport’s Team of the year, and also to raise money for the Army Benevolent Fund.
So many items had been given by football teams, rugby balls signed and memorabilia given, All of which were being auctioned off.
Hearing the achievements of certain individuals that evening was still an inspiration to me, to listen to what sport can do to many people, handing out the awards to the men and women and seeing what it meant to those receiving them made for a good evening.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


On the 2oth May I was asked if I would be able to go to a local Primary School in Oldfield Park, Bath and open up their new playground.
Alot of money had been raised to build and make a huge big wooden boat structure that the children would be able to play on and enjoy in safety.
All the children were out in the playground when I arrived and were singing to me, it was the sweetest welcome I have had. I was asked lots of questions from them about the Olympics, sport and my life and ambitions. Surprisingly I almost find it harder to think of answers to children then to adults, I am aware so much that the children see me as a role model and soak up my every word, to see the look on their faces when they see me and get to touch my medal makes me realise the huge excitement it brings to people.