Friday, 8 January 2010


First race of 2010 ... Konigssee, Germany. Such a beautiful place, idyllic setting with mountains all around and a huge lake, with the track metres away. My family had made the trip out to watch and shout for me, thanks guys for coming and supporting me it was great to have you around. In fact thanks to everyone that supports me! Especially too to Petr my boyfriend who came up with his bobsleigh team in tow, to all shout at the start thus helping me push quicker!
So back to the race....didn't go quite to plan! Had a wicked days training especially one of the days where I was flying down the track was second quickest girl behind one of the Germans on her home track, and a near track record. On the race....well..... Konigssee has a unique straight....its not straight at all! You have to hit a certain point, not too early, not too hard, not too soft and not too late....then you can just about make it through the wobble without hitting. I had been doing it great about 90% of the time in training, but I hit too early on race day which meant that i had to take another hit further down and then time was lost. the wobble straight goes into a Kreisel, which is a full circle corner, very hard to steer and get the timing and pressures, I lost time here and couldn't make it up in the bottom half of the track. However I did have a really good second run, six tenths quicker then the first, but had to settle for 12th position overall. Still leaving me ranked 5th in the fibt world cup ranking, still respectable i believe!
I do need to add in now a big positive from today's race.... I had the best sprint push times for both of my runs so I know physically I am in the worlds best shape :-)