Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Lake Placid race was great. It made me realise why I love this sport. Training went so well in the week and each day I found myself feeling more and more comfortable on my sled which I hadn't felt since the start of the season.

The race was the closest I have ever been in. After run one there was something like 0.5 sec between first place and fifteenth! I had great first run that put me into 2nd place, but then I made a small mistake in a critical part of the track of my second run which dropped down to 4th, a respectable finish I feel!

Now I'm back home for a few days to recharge the batteries and get over jet lag before the next part of the season. All three races are in Europe, Italy, and two in Germany before the Christmas break.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Today was the second day of official training back on Lake Placid track where I was a few weeks ago. The track feels quite a bit different from when I was last here. You may be thinking...how or why!? Well..... The track workers can add or take away ice at the entrances and exits of corners which then changes how I need to steer in the corner, how hard or how long I have to put pressure through my sled to change the angle of it whilst It is in the corner.
Training went well today, but still a few corners to work out before the race and the decision of which runners to use....one more day to sort it out then I race on Friday 20th Nov at 9.30am USA time, I believe it is in British Eurosport at 2pm. Wish me luck!!

Friday, 13 November 2009


As I write this I'm on the plane flying from Salt Lake City to Detroit to Montreal, to then drive from Montreal over boarder to Lake Placid! I have just competed in the first World Cup of the season. I came 6th, it was a one run race as a snow storm came in so the second run was cancelled. I was really please with this result as its been a tough month of testing and changing alot so I hadn't been sliding as fast as id have liked to! Its great to have the first race out of the way and I'm really looking forward to the second one in Lake Placid in a weeks time.
We get a few days off to recovery from travelling, so the local cinema is waiting for me, I hear it calling me.......


Just to say that we had a bear on the driveway of our house we were staying in! We were all about to leave in the morning to pack up the cars to go to the track and there was one with its paws up on the boot of the car! Its looked rather like a large baby one, it looked at us then slowly walked away. I was only about 6metres away from it!