Sunday, 3 January 2010


I was so excited about getting home for Christmas that I never got around to writing about the last pre Christmas race in Altenberg where I came 4th... I was 4th behind 3 Germans on a German I'm happy with that and giving myself a pat on the back!!It was a great week, Altenberg is a track that always scares me! Even though Iv been down it quite a few times over the years. I associate it with when I first started to learn to slide and so lots of crashes were had on it.....But I do always seem to do well on that track and I always love to slide it once I have the first day under my belt.

I was in the Christmas mood that whole week listening to festive songs on my i-pod! We left for home the morning after the race, it was so good to be going home after such a long time away, think it was about 6 weeks on the trot.

I arrived at my parents house where I was spending my Christmas, the tree was up and ready to decorate, always my job to do! I spent a few days with my parents including Christmas day and then I flew straight to Prague on Boxing day to spend the rest of the festive time with my boyfriend who lives there. So New Year in Prague old town square...I highly recommend! It was amazing. Huge tree, thousands of people and fireworks....a magical time.