Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thanks a million BMW

This morning I picked up keys to a beautiful BMW 3 series car... What more can I say apart from the words from BMW themselves, its "The ultimate driving machine" I'm hoping Arthur wont be jealous of this new relationship that is about to start... so far I haven't Christened him yet, must think of a suitable name!

Monday, 15 March 2010


I have a few minuets to myself now to write a quick note to you all.
It has been non stop for the past two weeks, lots of interviews, some TV, and tons of media. The One Show was the first TV show, straight off the plane I had a press conference and lots of news interviews, then it was straight across London to the studios, There I was sat next to Martin Clunes, very surreal experience having only been in the country for a matter of hours! Then Blue Peter, where I was given GOLD BADGE! and then Jonathon Ross wanted me on his show, that was a great experience he was lovely and all went very smoothly!
I want to say a huge thanks to Adam Parsons who has done a amazing job looking after me and to my brother who has been on the end of a phone to hundreds of people who all want to talk to me! Thanks guys.