Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Here is the opportunity of a lifetime about to be given to you, why don't you become a London 2012 Games Maker and be one of the faces of London 2012. you will have the unique chance to show what our country is all about, excellence, passion and positivity. In Vancouver my experience of the Volunteers was great, they help me and my team out so much making our time in the Olympics so much easier and less stressful, they were there to help us all day long with a smile on their faces.

There is a wide range of roles for Games Makers so something to suit everyone. Many of these may be behind the scenes or may require you to work at anti-social times. Some Games Makers may have to work off-site in a warehouse distributing uniforms; others will be outside exposed to the elements for hours on end, but all as important as each other.
Sign up today everyone!!
I went to 5 different countries in the space of 4 weeks in August so I'm glad its September now and wont be so much travelling planned, but recently I did take a trip to Gateshead to help out at the UK School Games, which was a Youth Sport Trust event.

It was a major multi-sport event for all elite UK athletes of school age. There were competitions in over 10 different sports as well as opening and closing ceremonies, so it gave the impression and feel of a full scale sporting event, brilliant practice for the children. As Ambassador, my role was to support and offer advice, if required for the young athletes. It’s great to have these big organised events for young athletes so they can get used to the competitive environment to realise their potential in sport and to give them a chance to shine.


A few weeks ago I went to Singapore to be part of Team GB at the first Youth Olympic Games.We had a talented team of 39 athletes from all Olympic sports aged 14-18, participating alongside 3,600 competitors from all 205 National Olympic Committees, so a huge competition.

I was out there as an athlete supporter/mentor to inspire and help out with our young team. It was really noticeable from engaging with the athletes how much the games represent a fantastic opportunity for them to compete with other young athletes at the highest level on a global stage. It was my first time in Singapore and I soon discovered how hot, humid and sticky it is there!

Was nice for me to be in shorts and t-shirts in this competitive environment, not the usual layers I’m normally in!