Saturday, 23 January 2010


Well..that's it, last World Cup Race of the 2009-10 season is over, done.
I wasn't happy with my result from yesterday race in Igls, Austria. I'm still trying to work out why I was so slow and way behind in the times.
I had great pushes again a 5.40 which was 4 100th faster then any other girl, (but its now getting a little frustrating having the best push times and not getting down in the same position, id rather be quicker at the bottom then top!!), I had good lines especially on the first run, maybe I was just trying too hard...When you train alot faster then race, this isn't the right way round!! Training had been great again, I was working out my steers everyday, getting a respectable time of 54.86sec on one of my days, so when I saw my race times of 55.55 and 55.25 you can see why I wasn't happy!
This race needs to be parked behind me now as the slate is cleaned for this 2009-2010 World Cup season. I finished ranked World Cup overall in 5th place again, same as last season. Was 5th in the Europeans a little lower then anticipated... Iv had 4 top 6 finishes and all others minus one in the top 10 positions.

Must be positive and look forward to what may happen next... :-) The British skeleton Olympic selection is on the 29th January....lets wait and see if I'm selected on the team to go to Vancouver Winter Olympics.....