Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Its day two of the official training in Igls, Austria, World Cup number 8, which is also combined with the European Championships. I cant believe its already the last one... Its seems like each race has flown by, although It does seem like a terribly long time since spending any time at home.
I love Igls track, many athletes don't like it as its a easy one to get down and not quick or exciting, but it feels good, its not the quickest, today I got to 119kpm, so not as fast as St Moritz last week where I was 135kpm!
This is a pushers track where the time at the top does help you alot, so I'm hoping I really go for it and push hard....I'm off to the athletics track now to do some sled pulls and sprints, ciao for now.
The picture is me in the freezing lake...good recovery for the legs after a hard push! brrrrrr