Sunday, 8 August 2010


I had some extended family visit my parents house a few days ago and they hadn't seen the chunk of metal.. .so some very excited faces took many pictures and were happy to be able to hold a Olympic Gold medal....I promised them I would write about them on my blog....!


On the 3rd August I found myself on a sailing boat, sailing around the Isle of Wight for the Artemis Challenge at Cowes week. I was on board a 60ft top of the range boat (I was told the Ferrari of sailing boats). I was asked if I would be part of the team along with Zara Philips, to help win the race for charity, I did tell the team well in advance (as a warning) that I had never sailed a boat before and that I didn’t have a clue what to do, but they assured me it didn’t matter!
We were given the job of grinder, which means going as fast and as hard as you can almost pedalling your arms around a wheel to get the sails up and down. Zara and I did this together when shouted at by the skipper, but wow that’s hard work.

The whole team on the boat are constantly working together, pulling ropes, changing buttons, looking at the tides, the tactics of other boats, all to get ahead with the best wind. To think that one person does all these jobs at once when they sail around the world is crazy, I have a huge respect for all sailors after my one day out at sea.

It took me hours to stop feeling seasick and to find my land legs again. Thanks to all of the team at Artemis for inviting me and giving the most wonderful experience, my first ever sailing day out, and the first of many I hope (only once I have discovered seasickness tablets!).


Just over a week ago I got back from Jamaica, where my boyfriend and I finally got to go on holiday, our first break since the Olympics 5 months ago!

The Mail newspaper asked if I would like to do a travel article for them, with Virgin holidays and Sandals Hotels – I said a big fat “yes please” ! Subsequently I took them up on their invite to travel to Jamaica to stay at Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa; I mean who wouldn’t say yes to that!!

As soon as we left the plane the heat quickly wafted across our faces and we were welcomed by the friendliest people I have ever come across. I had never visited the country before, but we were both impressed by the hotel, food, and beautiful countryside this amazing place has to offer. One day we went on a tour and visited the YS Falls which are Jamaica’s famous waterfalls, with 7 tiered levels where you can jump off rope swings and even jump off one of the tiers. I have to admit I did have a go, just some extra fear factor training for the skeleton!But what a holiday and what fun!