Saturday, 26 February 2011

One Year Anniversary of the GOLD

Last Saturday I spent the whole day baking cakes! My house smelled amazing like a fresh bakery. I was having that evening Champagne and Cup Cake party to celebrate my year’s anniversary of the big race, so I had decided to host a little family and friends gathering, along with my Gold Medal!
I was half way through baking when I realised that I had an interview arranged and was meant to meet someone in Bath. I met Ian Stafford, who wanted to do the interview for his website We ended up going back to my flat as the cakes were in full process and in a production line to get ready for that evening…I was decorating everyone different, so was taking a little time! It also meant that Ian could test out my new raspberry ones! I chatted to him about life in the past year, what I’ve been up to, what my dreams are in the future. A lovely guy always makes it easier to do interviews when the person generally is interested in you as a person!