Saturday, 8 January 2011

Back to racing!

So my first race will be in Igls, Austria. A few days ago I searched out my big bags and started to pack my kit, last time I packed was to go to the Olympics 11 months ago. It has been a long time away from the ice and competitions, Im feeling a little apprehensive about sliding again. Lots of questions are going around in my head…will it feel different now? Will I still enjoy it, will I still have the drive inside to compete? I know I am not as prepared as the past years, so It will be a different mentally I have to adopt now for these races, but one that Im looking forward to.
Arthur my sled and I have a lot of bonding to do, and quick!! we have missed out on the last 3 months of sliding and racing, so lots of catching up to do on the other competitors! I have one week before my first race which is the 14th Jan, which will be shown on British Eurosport, I will keep you updated on how it went and how it felt!