Saturday, 22 January 2011

5th World Cup 3rd European Championships in Winterberg, Germany

So the second race of my season just happened this morning in Winterberg, Germany and I came 5th. Very happy. It was also a double race as the European Championships were added in so I was 3rd in this. Again very good day at the office for me.
Everyone who knows Winterberg will know how crazy the weather is over here, but it started off not too badly, clear enough sky and a good start to the race, till about 30mins in and the light snow started, and gradually got a bit heavier...but wasn’t too drastic so everyone remained calm enough!
I had a wee few minutes of panic it has to be said before my first run when I was trying to get my coat off and my zip got jammed!!! I could hear them calling my name as the slider before me had finished, so I had to whisper to Micky my coach "Micky im stuck!!" and he also tried to yank down the zip....finally somehow I did get my coat off to push my sled but was a bit flustered and not really concentrating enough to do a good push! Second run I got the physio tape and gave my coat a slight little operation with some tape to stick down that flap inside the zip so no other issues would arise!!! Zips!!
Off to St Moritz tomorrow for the next race, an 8 hours drive, up into the beautiful mountains of Switzerland.