Tuesday, 20 October 2009


I was in Winterberg for five days, enough to get used to being on ice again and start my testing process on my new sled, but not enough to settle down and un pack my bag as now I'm in Lake Placid! A long days travel....just to give you a taster of what it was like.... Pack van Sunday 2pm, leave 3pm, travel from Winterberg to Gevena airport Holiday Inn, arrived at 3.30am Monday. Up at 7pm to get to airport for the lengthly checking in process with our hundreds of bags and sleds! Sat on plane at 12.15pm but it got delayed for over a hour, arrived in Montreal Monday afternoon as re-living hours on the plane with time change. Had long border control as we drove across into USA and onto Lake Placed, arrived about 8pm ready for dinner that all of us were way to tiered to eat! Finally went to sleep about 10pm as we all forced ourselves to stay awake so jet lag wouldn't be quite so bad...although we all awoke at 4-5am eyes PING awake!!