Friday, 11 June 2010


Thank you all Glamour readers for voting and giving me the Sportswoman of the year award. It means alot to get something that has been voted for by the general thank you all.
The evening was in Berkeley Square London and was amazing. Again a night full of beautiful men and women from all areas of the showbiz world. Mixing with people such as Lilly Allen, Ferne Cotton and the hunky Jason Lewis or "Smith" from sex and the city!

My award was given to me by David Hayes, I realise as he was saying my name that I hadn't even prepared a speech, and all others that had been up before me were saying long speeches! oh help, i managed to say a few words and then off the stage I went for the interviews and photos behind the stage. Thank you Glamour for the wonderful night and the even more wonderful goodie bags that were delivered to my hotel room....woo it felt like 10 Christmas's all at once!