Saturday, 18 December 2010


I want to share with you this beautiful poem that a young boy wrote and sent to me in the post, it sums my whole experience up from the Olympics, even though I had never met him before.

Nervously she waited, waited, waited,
Nervously she waited above the frozen track.
She knew that she had trained enough,
And God was helping her above,
But inside she still felt nervous.
And she began to think no less
Of horrors that might make a mess

Amy Williams was her name
She had yet to achieve great fame.
The event she does is skeleton,
A treacherous, tight, terrifying run.
Nobody knew the girl from Bath,
But that would turn into a laugh,
If this girl could get the one gold,
Then her great story would be told.

Her first go was a beauty run,
She wizzed down...she was having fun.
Down the icy track she sped.
The blades of her fantastic sled
Were flying down the track at speed.
She did nothing but pray and plead.

Amy crossed the line in first place,
And broke a record in this case.
She lined up for her second run,
Waved to her proud dad and mum,
Before zooming down the awesome track.
The speed, she really did not lack
She crossed the line, the icy line,
And found she had a leading time.

Amy went to bed that night,
And began to think she ruled the fight.
She had just two runs left in front,
And all was down to those two stunts,
To get the only skeleton gold,
Of which her story would be told.

Her third attempt, a record run,
Now only one to go to be done.
She stood in the hut and prayed,
The top of the run is where she stayed,
Until it was her final go.
Down she went with a flow.

She flew round corners 1,2,3,
a super, stunning sight to see.
The line was crossed,
The medal was won,
The flowers were tossed,
And Amy's job was done.